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I think their clothing is of a decent quality if you get it at a sales price or with a promotional discount. However, be cautious applying the latter.

They reserve the right to cancel promotions at any time, even after you made an order without the courtesy of notifying a customer.

I received the confirmation of the order for the right price but noticed a higher charge to my credit card after it was processed. That was how I found out they did not honor the promotional code after they completed my order. The communication with the customer service did not resolve the issue.

The only resolution was to contest the charge with the credit company. This is certainly something I have not bargained for!

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They do NOT have the "option" to decide not to honor the promo code AFTER processing your order. If they accept the promo code or coupon at the time they process your order, they must honor it.

Changing the rules after the fact has a special term: FRAUD. Complain to your state's attorney general. (For example, if you live in Texas, search for "Texas Attorney General") Go to the AG's webpage & find instructions for filing complaint, and please DO IT!

Retailers don't care if you sue them, but they absolutely do NOT want bad publicity.

If you can get a consumer-focused reporter interested in your Newport News fiasco, you'll get much better results. Good luck!

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