I ordered during their sale and had to call to find out status. I was told due to a warehouse issue - delivery would absolutely be there by 12/16. Nope, no clothes. Called and said I wasn't told right info but would mail by 12/21. I asked if all the items would be shipped and told yes.

Got 2 of 4 items on 12/22 with a sloppy copy that 1 item wasn't in stock and would mail later. I called and was told that the warehouse record showed that all 4 items had been shipped. I would get a refund of the 2 items I never received in 5-10 business days.

Ok, I didn't get the items but it would be 6 weeks from the time of order till getting a refund?

p.s. the 2 items - I did get really look bad so have to return them. Wish me luck on getting a refund!

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I posted on Lynn's Facebook page. Will continue doing so until I get my refund or the products.

Blogging daily, too. Tired of someone else profiting from my money.

I won't purchase anything from Lynn Tilton owned properties anymore...croscill, fetco, jane, Stila, or ACME Int. Suggest everyone do the same.


Contact Lynn Tilton! These are Lynn Tilton Companies!

If she truly stands for the hardworking american she will help resolve these issues....it has her NAME ON IT!

Email her and/ or post on facebook. Something needs to happen, I am out over $300 that i cannot afford to lose.


Same story here!I wish, I read all complanes before make my purchase from "Newport-news". "spigel" and "XShape" are same company don't order from them.I hope, I getting my refund in 10-15 business days. :sigh

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