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6/18/11 - called Newport News Catalog for the status on a credit on my refund and the customer service rep told me that all gift cards and requests for credits on refunds prior to 6/1/11 have been postponed until further notice.Newport News will send out a notification letter sometime in July.

I asked the CSR if they are still in business, which she replied, "Yes." I then asked her if they will be issuing refunds after 6/1/11, which she then replied, "I don't know, the parent company filed for bankruptcy." Therefore, I am informing everyone that purchases from Newport News to stop doing it if you plan to return items and expect a credit!It appears Newport News is going under.


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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #1070621

I've purchased some fabulous plus size clothing in the past from Newport News. Searching online today for a leather jacket, I decided to see what Newport had for sale. Surprised to find out they're out of business....what happen????

Newport News, Virginia, United States #877041

The company went down when Geralynn Madonna became president.She was god awful..

I worked at the Hampton call center, she was just nasty,rude, painted on makeup.She had no sense of style or drirection


That is really sad to hear.I really loved their clothing.

What a surprise, that is really really sad.


i loved their clothing - it was inexpensive and fit me well.

Dayton, Ohio, United States #668419

It's amazing when I see a store go bankrupt.They had nice stuff but it cost a lot.

Where did the profits go?:(

Canfield, Ohio, United States #644600

I have a $110 gift certificate from a return @ Newport News and now I can't use it.I input my info on the Spiegel website prior to the cut off date, but guess I will never see that money.



:sigh I have ordered from Newport News for years. It is sad.


This used to be my favorite catalog, especially since the warehouse was in my hometown. I have dozens of items ordered from them over the years that I still have and still wear. So sad to hear it took a nose dive and died.


I hate to see that Newport News has filed bankruptcy!I have ordered from them several times and never really had a problem except for the quality of the merchandise.

I did like the boots I bought from them, but my dog liked them more and chewed them to shreds.Oh well.


dispute it with your credit card company.Show them proof of the return.

you will get your money back.I do it all the time when companies that confirmed they received merchandise back then inform me it will take 6-8 weeks for a refund.

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