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6/18/11 - called Newport News Catalog for the status on a credit on my refund and the customer service rep told me that all gift cards and requests for credits on refunds prior to 6/1/11 have been postponed until further notice. Newport News will send out a notification letter sometime in July.

I asked the CSR if they are still in business, which she replied, "Yes." I then asked her if they will be issuing refunds after 6/1/11, which she then replied, "I don't know, the parent company filed for bankruptcy." Therefore, I am informing everyone that purchases from Newport News to stop doing it if you plan to return items and expect a credit! It appears Newport News is going under.

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Dashleyglo@gmail.com It saddens my heart to hear that Newport News maybe no more I really love your clothing they fit me well and the prices were perfect for me. Newport News clothes line was acquired taste.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #1070621

I've purchased some fabulous plus size clothing in the past from Newport News. Searching online today for a leather jacket, I decided to see what Newport had for sale. Surprised to find out they're out of business....what happen????

Newport News, Virginia, United States #877041

The company went down when Geralynn Madonna became president. She was god awful..

I worked at the Hampton call center, she was just nasty,rude, painted on makeup. She had no sense of style or drirection


That is really sad to hear. I really loved their clothing.

What a surprise, that is really really sad.


i loved their clothing - it was inexpensive and fit me well.

Dayton, Ohio, United States #668419

It's amazing when I see a store go bankrupt. They had nice stuff but it cost a lot.

Where did the profits go? :(

Canfield, Ohio, United States #644600

I have a $110 gift certificate from a return @ Newport News and now I can't use it. I input my info on the Spiegel website prior to the cut off date, but guess I will never see that money.



:sigh I have ordered from Newport News for years. It is sad.


This used to be my favorite catalog, especially since the warehouse was in my hometown. I have dozens of items ordered from them over the years that I still have and still wear. So sad to hear it took a nose dive and died.


I hate to see that Newport News has filed bankruptcy! I have ordered from them several times and never really had a problem except for the quality of the merchandise.

I did like the boots I bought from them, but my dog liked them more and chewed them to shreds. Oh well.


dispute it with your credit card company. Show them proof of the return.

you will get your money back. I do it all the time when companies that confirmed they received merchandise back then inform me it will take 6-8 weeks for a refund.


I had the same problem as those listed above. I returned $142 worth of merchandise AFTER they had gone through bancrupcy protection...kept getting the run around from CSR's.

Finally got one on the phone who said they had filed for bancrupcy (I had no idea) and at least she was honest with me. Said I could file an online request for "Artemiss appreciation" credit but I probably wouldn't ever see the money or the credit. She was right...they never responded and when I kept calling the said I didn't qualify. Don't order from Newport-News or Spiegel - same owners.

Or if you just HAVE to have something you see...DON'T RETURN IT!!

You'll never see your refund! Someone should really file suit against them for this continuing policy of ripping off consumers AFTER their bancrupcy.


Does anyone know about the credit protection that newport news offered? I checked my credit and i'm getting charged for this service...I'm wondering, when did I sign up for this service???


U purchased a bathing suit from off the website and returned it June of 2011. They filed for bankruptcy and never sent me my money!

Its now March 2012 and I havent received any written notice ir nothing! I called Spiegel and they told me to fill out an online submission called "Artemiss Appreciation Rewards!" I filled out the form and a week later they sent emailed me saying I dont qualify for the award!! How can I not qualify to get my money back! If I would have known they were gonna not send me my money then I wouldve just sold the bathing suit on Craigslist!

Newport News is a ripoff company! Spiegel isnt any better! The people they have answering the phones are so ghetto! I called to ask them for Spiegel corporate # and they told me to google it!

Are u serious? Its a shame they do this to people but I will def take them to court and they will pay the lawyer fees, court fees as well as the my money I want for the bathing suit I returned and never got my money back! This is a disgrace!

My friends, family and I will never spend our hard earned money with Newport News or Spiegel! I hope they burn in ***!


:( I swear I wanna beat the *** outta Newport News! How are they just going to steal peoples money??

Ugh! This is SO wrong!


Formerly owned by Signature, Newport News along with Spiegel and Shape FX are now owned by Artemiss. I'm not sure about the merchandise quality, but order fulfillment and Customer Service are nonexistent.

Returns I made to Newport News and Spiegel were not refunded, though I have been receiving lengthy documents from them in unreadable legalese. Foolishly, I've ordered several times from them since then, enticed by 75% sales promotions. Orders have been cancelled without notification because one or two items weren't available, I've had to reorder several times, and when I finally received my items two months after the initial order only three out of eight items ordered were in the package, although I was charged the full amount. I'm still waiting to receive a refund and keeping my fingers crossed, as the waiting period to file a fraud investigation with my credit card company has elapsed.

Needless to say, I will not be ordering from this company again.


I'm not surprised they are filing for bankruptcy. The quality is just not there and they can't compete.

I received a sweater last year that was so poorly made that it started to unravel as I was taking it out of the package. I took a chance this month on a bib necklace that looked very nice on-line and was at least 40% off. But it was so cheaply made that I don't know if I'll wear it. Unfortunately,I found that "Customer Care service" is non-existent.

Now I know why. :sigh


I ordered a coat, 11/20/11 today is 01/18/2012 and still havent rec'd coat ! They charge was taken off my credit card. I have never heard anything like it.


I looked this up because I suspected something was going on with this company. Ordered a 75%-off garment in November and still haven't rec'd.

Two emails to their Customer Care address were ret'd as undeliverable. When I called, the agent didn't sound like the typical, perky clerks I'm used to at Newport News, but beaten down and apathetic. No offer to do anything for me since the amount hadn't been deducted from my account.

I asked whether there'd be any followup for my item and she said "no". Needless to say, I've unsubscribed to their come-on emails.


:? I just placed an order that was 75% which came to about 60.00 I had to go through two customer reps to finally place the order i paid with debit card and haven't recieved items. checked my debit activities nothing showing newport news deducted as of yet but I am calling today to make sure they aren't using my number or one of their pissy 800 # person doesn't steal my number.

I have purchased before with no problem. Why they aren't being honest about bankruptcy.

OH they will send you teaser emails and say it is good for one day 50 to 75% off well it arrives around 2:00 am in the morning and is gone by 11:00 am. don't order anything they are decieving and trying every penny they can.

bbb should file with va attorney general this is fraud!!!

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