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Newort News Clothing:

RUDE CUSTOMER SERVICE AND BAD BUSINESS ETHICS! I ordered items and checked and paid for 3 day express delivery. First I emailed them to find out and I got a response saying email was down, then I called 4 times, first time on hold for 17 minutes, 2nd time 22 minutes, 3rd time 14 minutes and then finally the 4th time they answered. The lady told me that my item was not express delivery even though I had an email that confirmed I paid for express. Then I told her it was incorrect and she stated there was nothing she can do about it and oh well, even thought I told her I need it by this weekend. I told her I need the clothes and asked her if she thought this was good business ethics and she didn't answer and hung up on me. I spent $200 and this is the customer service I get.

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